Full Containers Terms

All quotations subject to revision until engagement and subject to all relevant tariff and
Bill of Lading terms and conditions.
All Container quotes subject to availability
UK Haulage Rates are based on equipment available at nearest depot if cntrs are not
available, rates will be subject to variation.
Tri-axle surcharge no longer applies – maximum payload in standard equipment is 27,
000kg/20ft and 25,000kg/40ft.
Revised Standard Vehicle Demurrage Rates apply as follows:
First 3 hours free thereafter next
3 hours at GBP 30.00 per hour or GBP 7.50 per 15 min increment then
additional delays at GBP 50.00 per hour or GBP 12.50 per 15 min increment.
Hazardous cargoes attract a 10% additional (min of GBP35.00) subject to acceptance.
London Postal Codes – Additional charge for Liner haulage on High cube, Open top, Flatrack
and Platform containers – Pds 25 per container
Additional insurance for high value cargoes may be required and should be agreed at time of booking.
Different Conditions apply for non standard haulage i.e. Containerlift / Lowloader / Heavy lift etc..details available upon request.

Subject to 3rd party increases
London Postal Codes – Additional charge for Liner haulage on High cube, Open top, Flatrack and Platform containers – Pds 25 per container


Due to new Customs Laws in force in Brazil from 31/03/08 all bills of lading now require certain manditory infomation without which Exporters will be subject to severe fines and cargo may not be discharged at destination. In addition any B/L amendments requested after the manifest has been surrendered to the Brazilian Customs will also result in severe fines and must be avoided at all costs.

The Manditory B/L information is:
a) Fullstyle of shipper, consignee and notify
b) CPF or CNPJ of consignee and notify. In case consignee is a foreign person (tourist with baggage), also the complete name and passport numbers are required.
c) Complete description of goods and kind of packaging
d) Cargo volume in cbm (m3)
e) Gross weight (excluding container tare)
f) NCM number
g)Vehicles – full chassis numbers are required
h) Bls consigned to Order – Please avoid as very problematic to handle.
As new time restraints are now in effect it is essentail that B/L instructions are sent directly to the Liverpool Documentation Dept (samexpdoc@grimaldi.co.uk) fax 01514728140 prior to vsl departure and all bills must be finalised within 10 calendar days of vsl departure.
Grimaldi do not accept any responsibilty for missing or incorrect information and it is imperative that all documentation is checked prior to approval.
Please note that all cargo to Guinea/Conakry should now hold a valid certificate of pre-inspection from Bivac (BV). Cargo arriving without a valid pre-inspection certificate will be confiscated by the local authorities in Guinea. For further information please see Bureau Veritas website http://www.bureauveritas.com/wps/wcm/connect/bv_com/Group/Footer/Home/

Dear Customer,

Weather conditions during Autumn and Winter can complicate traffic movements by sea and on land, therefore we would like to remind our Customers of the importance of securing cargo inside units and providing the units with adequate securing and support points so that units can be safely lashed and supported to/on vessels. We also refer to our Conditions of Carriage and remind you that it is the Shipper’s responsibility to secure and support the cargo inside the units and to make sure that trucks/trailers are provided with adequate securing and support points that comply with regulations.

In accordance with the code of navigation, the vessel’s Master is entitled to refuse any

cargo which does not comply with the above requirements. We also remind you that Sea

Transportation of live stock trailers must be made in full compliance to the European

Council Directive in force, which is the EC 01/05 directive dated 22nd December 2004. Make sure that trailers are equipped with sufficient number of lashing points, as per IMO A. 581 resolution appendix 7.

The minimum numbers of securing points for trailers which will be transported by sea are as follows:

GMV = 3.5 T UP TO 20 T = minimum lashing points each side: 2

GMV = 20 T UP TO 30 T = minimum lashing points each side: 3

GMV = 30 T UP TO 40 T = minimum lashing points each side: 4

The minimum strength for each securing point is given by the following formula:


Cargo securing information is available in publications such as European Best Practice

Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport and IMO/ILO/UN ECE Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Unit.

Please note that this quotation may be subject to VAT.

Please be advised that Terminal Handling Charges in Tilbury will be changing with effect 5th



Please note that all vehicles loaded into cntrs are now classed as hazardous unless certain conditions are met