What We Offer

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At Total Forwarding we offer a variety of services to best suits your needs. Please feel free to look down our drop down menu and retrieve information on a service that covers your needs. We are based on Tilbury docks and pride ourselves on having a hands approach on the overseeing of all our activities. In recent years Total Forwarding has seen an increase in its Forwarder to Forwarder relationships. Assisting Agents Internationally and UK based in their experience of forwarding and customs through the docks. We also have the necessary equipments and contacts to solve any problem. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us anytime.

Office /Administration / Warehousing:
Total Forwarding Ltd, Opp. 4A Berth, Tilbury Freeport, Essex RM18 7JJ



  • Roro Services Worldwide, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Plant
  • Container Services Worldwide
  • LCL Services Worldwide
  • West and East African Experts
  • Grimaldi Registered Agents
  • Import Handling, Including Shunts Devans,
  • Customs Clearance
  • Storage
  • Transport, European, National and Local.
  • Container Loading
  • Vehicle Collection, Local and National
  • Vehicle Loading,
  • Bonding,
  • Welding,
  • Securing
  • Overweight onsite assistance for all Roro, Container and Conventional Services
  • Roro Repairs, Port of Tilbury unrestricted access passes.
  • Container Repairs

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Freight forwarding and African shipping
With an expertise in freight forwarding and African shipping, we regularly handle a diverse range of goods from large consignments of stock, cars, trucks, industrial and agricultural machinery to fragile items and equipment.  Whether you want to export one item or many, as a one off consignment or on a regular basis, our highly trained, professional team is available to assist you.

Why Choose Total Forwarding?
The documentation required for African Import and Export of goods needs to be absolutely accurate. One small error can cost a fortune especially if your consignment ends up at the wrong port.  We ensure that all paperwork is error free and so save you time, money and stress.  Your goods will always arrive at the right port and on time when processed through Total Forwarding. Despite insurance cover that will cover loss or damage we understand the importance of never allowing mistakes to happen since time is money in your business as well as ours.

Our document services include completing and processing:

  • Customs paperwork
  • Standard shipping notes
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Collection and delivery notes
  • CMR documentation
  • Preference Certificates
  • Certificates of origin

It’s not always what you know but who you know in shipping
We have a committed and dedicated team of agents together with the latest technology so that our clients are regularly updated with the location of their goods in real time.

We are able to obtain clearance of  consignments quickly through our direct links with UK HM Customs & Excise utilising state of the art communications technology.

Our prices are highly competitive as you will find if you take advantage of our free, no obligation online quotation service. You can contact us via our web form, by telephone or by dropping into our offices where our African Shipping team will be happy to have an informal chat about your specific requirements and offer you the benefit of our advice.  Call us today, to see what we can do to improve the efficiency and cost of your shipping to Africa.