Sierra Leone Vehicle Prohibition Protest

Mobilise yourselves, mobilise your people, mobilise your economy.

The government of Sierra Leone are you listening? Create a legacy for your country.

February 2014 Keith Martin, director of Total Forwarding and his loyal support network, lobbied in person to the Ministry of Transport of Sierra Leone and the Road Transport Association of Sierra Leone.

We raised real and present consequences to the ban of right hand drive vehicles being imported and in circulation in Sierra Leone.

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Below is the official letter passed and discussed with the Ministry of Transport and Road Transport Association of Sierra Leone:

“Thank you for allowing the opportunity to present this letter to you.

We are a UK based Freight Forwarding company. We carry out all aspects Shipping and Forwarding to West Africa.
We represent hundreds of small businesses and private individuals shipping to West Africa and importantly Sierra Leone.

We write today to express our interest and concern in relation to the recent development of a new legislation in Sierra Leone.
We understand that from the 01.09.13. Your authorities have implemented a ban on Right Hand Drive Vehicles.
We strongly but respectfully object to such a ban in Sierra Leone for many reasons.

1. Your economy depends on money raised from the import duty and tax from vehicle commodities
2. Your people depend and survive on their income from providing vehicles to their communities.
3. Your people depend on the ability to mobilise themselves and their families for work, food and good clean living.
4. The infrastructure of your public transport does not yet have the capability to starve your people of the ability to mobilise themselves.
5. Sierra Leone depends on the UK because of the flexibility and low expense of the used vehicle market. Being forced to buy from countries with the same driving side will not be plausible. The business will come to an end.
6. The vehicles are not readily available and far too expensive because of taxation methods in Europe and America
7. Your people and Businesses are fundamental to the export trade in the UK. They do business with thousands of companies in the UK.
8. Even though Total Forwarding Ltd is a small company 40% of our company’s turnover is reliant on business to and from Sierra Leone. This amounts to nearly £900,000.00 / Year. We are just one of hundreds of similar businesses.
9. London has become an excellent haven for people of the Sierra Leonean community. Many individuals hold relatively low paid jobs in the UK. Exports provide them with the extra income they require to live in what is an increasingly more expensive area.
10. It provides the extra income to provide families and friends DEPENDANT on the business or their generosities.

We understand the RHD vehicles can cause problems but we strongly believe that a ban is not where you should start.

There are so many more positive reasons to keep this booming trade alive

We and your people believe that education / training and vehicle safety should be priority.
To implement a ban and at such short notice will damage the strength of Sierra Leone, its people and its partners.

Along with your people we plead and urge that you terminate your plan to implement this ban. We beg that your vision be the same as ours at Total Forwarding and your people!!

I have contacted our clients in the last year who have agreed that I provide you with their names references and items shipped.
These records are factual and can be offered to anyone in a position of authority.

These people beg for your help and prey for the day they hear this ban has been lifted.

Support them like they support us!

Yours Faithfully

Keith Martin

To see an original copy of this letter and proof of the meeting contact Total Forwarding Ltd.

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